Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Best Friend


In my life I've been blessed with the best of friends. Each woman had a profound impact on my life and whether we are as close as we once were, there is no doubt that they helped me become who I am. Through thick and thin, a best friend is always there for you. They are the greatest blessing anyone can have in their life and accepts us as who we are yet helps us to become what we should be. There is a quote that I really like and it says, "A good friend knows all your best stories, a best friend has lived them with you."


I remember the countless sleepovers through high school eating pizza and watching bring it on waiting for one of my best friends to fall asleep so em and another best friend could hijack the little sleeper's car only to be pulled over by the police, watching Bring It On so that one of my best friends will fall asleep so that another best friend and I could hijack the little sleeper's car only to be pulled over by the police, watching Cinderella and getting ready for Prom, routing me on in all my endeavors, making fun of arch nemesis-es who stare out windows and hopelessly trying to out bake a roommates cookies, dancing atop kitchen counters, having "talks", going on doubles, being thrown an incredible birthday party complete with goodies and cake, living a real life better than The Office office experience, partying up with the most awesome co-workers in whatever theme was planned for that night, having someone just being there to listen, and countless other memories


Unfortunately it is never quite until a moment has passed that you truly appreciate something wonderful. I wish I had expressed to my best friends how important they were to me, how I looked up to and admired their strengths, gratefulness for the kindness they showed me, and blessing me with their presence in my life. Though I didn't say all that I could have then, I hope that they all know just how important and wonderful they are and that I am so so so grateful to have had them as a best friend.


So I want to say, Thank you! Thank you for the laughs, joys, highs, support during the lows, all you did for me and all that you didn't. With some I wish we had kept better in touch, others I'm so glad that you are in my life making it all the better. I hope that you will know just important and special you are to me. I could go on and on about how each of you are incredible women that I can only hope to one day become. I know that you bless the lives of countless people you touch because you have touched mine. And just in case you missed it along the way, THANK YOU for being my best friend.       


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